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Notice [20 Apr 2031|02:15am]
[ mood | working ]

Lit Up/Let Down [otherwise known as Vicky's LJ] is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

I am aware that my current layout* is best viewed at 1024x768 and generally does not display correctly in Firefox and Google Chrome. Sorry. I'm old-school and normally use either Opera or IE. So you can either use Opera or IE too, or disregard the layout entirely and click either the post title or one of the little links that say "Score!" or "Cases of Tastykake." It's a disguised comment link, not a booby trap, people. Clicking it takes you to the post in plain text format. This also eliminates the 'problem' of my small [formerly] Flyers-orange text (which I just so happen to like, thank you very much).

Also, those ads you see that squish the post into a really tiny space? Sign up for a free basic LiveJournal account and they vanish. Hint, hint.

You should also expect a lot less in the way of visible posts (to visitors, at least). This will still function as my personal journal. However, those posts will be locked. If you're a friend of mine (and a LiveJournal user) but you see nothing but the public posts, you have three options: comment here, send me an e-mail, or give me a call. I'll add you to my friends list so you can see what's going on in my life.

All those sports posts that have been mixed in with everything else? I'm filtering them out. Slowly. I'll leave those open to the public once I've separated them.

Speaking of the sports-related posts... They seem to be drawing traffic. That's nice and all, but please remember:

I'm by no means an objective source of information. Everything I write here is heavily biased. It's actually all for the sake of recording my thoughts throughout the season and keeping a few of my friends up-to-date.

I'm not always completely accurate. I screw things up. A lot. If you catch an error, comment on the post and correct me. I'm only human, y'know?

The icons and graphics I make and occasionally post here? They're mine. I credit the people who took the original photographs or point you in the direction of the place I found the image. Please extend the same courtesy. Feel free to take one of my icons to use somewhere else (though I don't know why you'd want to), but please mention that I created it. Thanks.

And the last thing... Everything I write here? Mine, like the icons. Please don't claim it as your own. I don't mind if you re-post pieces of it somewhere else for your friends to read (again, I don't know why you'd want to). But if you do want to re-post something I've written, there are two conditions. One - you need to tell me first. Two - link back to me, or at least credit me as the original poster. Thanks.

That's all. If you actually took the time to read this gigantic block of text, thank you again.

- Vicky

P.S. Although I'm still adjusting to finding unsigned comments (or any comments at all aside from those my friends leave), I do read them all and I try to respond to each one. If you've dropped me a line, feel free to come back and check later in the day to see my response.

* Before any grouchy, contentious fellow Flyers fans come by to rant that the layout is out of date, I am well aware. Richards is no longer an alternate, he's the Captain. Upshall was traded to the Coyotes, Knuble went to the Caps and Niittymaki to the Lightning via free agency, and Sbisa was traded to the Ducks in part of the package for Pronger -- then he got kicked back down to the WHL and traded from the Lethbridge Hurricanes to the Portland WinterHawks. ...But, when this layout was made, they [and those on the layout who're still with the team -- Carter, Gagne, Timonen, and Hartnell] were my favorite Flyers. In my head they're all Flyers forever. Especially Kimmo, because he's seriously just that awesome and we're lucky to have him.

Cancel that. Layout went boom when the Flyers traded Richards and Carter. I got all depressed and had to change it. So... This eye-burning blue swirly thing is my temporary fix. It stays until A. I get more than a few hours of uninterrupted computer time, or B. inspiration strikes.

New layout. Still being toyed with; trying to make it fit properly. The lyrics are from Jason Aldean's "Fly Over States," the base image is from rogerwendell.com, and the map was just something that cropped up on Google.

Changed the layout again. Actually, it's just a photo I took. Life has gotten in the way of my computer time. Mostly I'm at work, ferrying my son around, doing coursework, or off with my husband playing Pokemon Go.

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Soap Box. [19 Oct 2016|11:17pm]
You may not want to read this if you're the kind to get all uptight about politics.

This is my soap box, and I am here to rant.

You can hate all you want. Free country and all that. I would, however, like to request that, if you disagree and choose to comment -- please do so in a respectful and logical manner.

I would like to start by saying both of our "candidates" in this current election are under-qualified and ridiculous.

One of them is a glaring liar fueling a broken system, rewarding poor behavior and costing lives.

The other is a self-important loudmouth, a bad attitude and no political experience.

My big sticking point today, though, is the college education plan proposed by Clinton.

I'm sorry, what? I had to WORK for my college education. I had to work to get the scholarship that bought me one year at a community college, then I had to work to pay for the books I needed because the scholarship didn't cover them. I had to work to keep my grades up, hoping to cling to my scholarship. And when life happened and that scholarship ran dry, I gave up for a while. But I moved forward, and I am now at a point where I am paying for my college education entirely out of pocket. And yes, I am currently enrolled.

I have friends and family who borrowed money from wherever they could, then took out loans to cover the rest. Those same friends and family are still buried under those loans and struggling to pay back what they borrowed. There are others out there who refinanced houses and are still underwater on those mortgages.

Clinton's big idea is that now everyone gets a free college education.

But how do you balance that against generations of people who moved Heaven and Earth to make college attainable? Against people who will struggle for years to pay off debts, probably until long after this theoretical generation of kids attending for free has graduated?

Will this new idea pay off or expunge all the existing debt?

No, most likely it won't. See, erasing such a huge volume of debt -- $1.2 TRILLION, the second highest debt in the U.S. (first place belongs to mortgages, which go hand in hand with student debt) -- would essentially cause an economic collapse. The banks and credit unions that financed all of these student loans would fail. And because our GDP is so low and national debt is so high, there would be no bailout. There would be no government coming to save them the way GM was saved.

So from where would the money to pay for this free college come? Clinton says she's devised a way to finance this plan without adding to the national debt, but until I see the actual budget, I don't believe it. Most likely, her budget is another short-sighted bandaid fix that will inevitably run out. And when the numbers stop adding up, the taxpayers will be on the hook to cover the balance. I don't know about you, but I'm saving for my son's college education. I don't think I feel comfortable with the idea of more money being taken out of my pocket and given to someone who didn't plan ahead for their kids.

On another note, making college level education free for everyone devalues it. Essentially an Associate's Degree becomes the new high school diploma under this system. That certainly wouldn't sit well with the people who actually paid for school. I haven't even earned my degree yet and it grates on me.

And let's take a moment to think of all the kids who have been shipped right out the doors of their local public high school with "passing grades" and acceptable standardized test scores, but who have no idea how to aggregate and process information for themselves. The structured environment of "this will be on the test," open-book quizzes and parroting back answers hasn't taught them to think at a college level, or to apply a concept to a new situation or from a new perspective.

These kids will be woefully under-prepared for college courses. After a year or two of test-fail-repeat, either the dropout rate will skyrocket or the system will "right the ship" by changing standards. Time and again, schools whose students show repeated poor performance in tests will change the test instead of changing the teaching.

Do we really want college to become dumbed down or oversimplified? College is supposed to be about higher learning and innovation, not a cheap rehash.

Think before you vote -- if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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Posting this... [02 Sep 2016|08:29pm]
From my new phone!

So excited. I love it already.

Okay, it's got a couple cracks in it, and that kills me (it's headache inducing after a few minutes)... but it's new and awesome and shiny and fun.

I love my Droid and I'm kind of sad to give it up, but there's no denying this is a major improvement.

The only things I dislike so far are that all the proprietary apps are basically in my way and there's no SD card slot. I miss my micro SD card already, with all its photos of Alex and Charlie.

I can fix the proprietary app problem and have the screen replaced over the weekend, but the SD card thing is here to stay.

I'm still really excited. ☺

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Still at work [09 Jun 2016|06:29pm]
But today has been a day of #waitressproblems.

Every other table has been borderline grumpy, or critical of what they assume their food is made of or of how they think it has been prepared, or has sent me in circles by asking for things one at a time.

Grumpiness happens, and sixteen trips for different kinds of salad dressing and extra salsa and sour cream and another drink and more ice and more chips (and so on)... That's every day of my life. There's a reason I ask if you need anything /every time/ I walk by.

But the criticism...!

I have no problem with being asked how we make our dishes here. We have nothing to hide, and I will give you 100% honest answers. But do not get snippy with me about it, please. That's the quickest way to shut down my cheerful let-me-help-you attitude.

Oh, and that unhappy, "this is canned salmon on my salad, isn't it," was entirely unwarranted. It's actually frozen, and it was chopped during the grilling process to get you your food as quickly as possible. Assumptions, people.

I will tell you right now that the only things we get in cans are crushed tomatoes, green beans, ketchup and mushrooms. Do not be a jerk to me about canned goods. I'm the one who unloads them, I can read the cans.

And I'm not gonna lie to you about it, because that can lead to allergy issues. I know it's possible to be allergic to the preservatives in canned goods -- sensitivity is actually pretty common. Servers and cooks have been jailed for manslaughter for ignoring people's allergen warnings. I value my freedom and your life, thanks.

So maybe try not to be such a jerk next time.

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You'll never guess... [04 Jun 2016|07:06pm]
...how I got home today.

Driving Kato!!

He's home!

He runs!

It's illegal as hell to be driving him right now -- his tags are a year and two months out of date (thank God there's a cap on how much the tag agency can charge me) -- but he runs, and he had to get home from the mechanic, so I drove him the fifteen miles.

He's got a little stutter when I decelerate and accelerate again rapidly, but I think that's more an "I can't breathe through this wet air filter, stop that," than it is an actual issue. Carlos did warn me that Kato will need about three days to dry out and settle down again.

The air filter is only wet because Carlos gave the engine compartment a bath. That engine is cleaner than I've ever seen it. Mostly because he had to take it all apart to get Kato running again, but still. I appreciate the effort.

The interior is still blah and yuck (thanks so much, mice), but... Kato!

New head gasket, new distributor cap, new spark plugs and leads, new timing belt (yes, belt, not chain -- tiny engine does not need a chain), new water pump, new thermostat and thermostat housing, and a complete wiring overhaul.

I'm broke... but I'm so excited!

When the tag agency opens on Monday morning, I'm gonna be there holding Kato's tag, the insurance information and my checkbook. (And probably trying not to cry, but whatever.)

Kato's home!

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Quick rundown... [31 Jan 2016|01:25pm]
...of what's going on in my life right now.

You may or may not remember that our old trailer house, where we lived up until we got the loan for our little yellow house in the middle of nowhere, was remodeled when we moved out. Charlie hand-built new kitchen cabinets and a butcher block counter top, installed new flooring, rewired, replaced windows, and repainted. He also took down the shoddy-looking chainlink portion of the fence.

Once the remodel was completed, our nephew, Jacob, moved in. He chose to bring a roommate with him -- that's Terrence -- to keep the bills manageable, even though we were only charging $300 in rent. We wrote up a lease for them and outlined our expectations. And things were great for a while. They'd pay their rent and utilities on time (Jacob in cash, Terrence by check), and if they ran late, they even added on the appropriate late fee without us even having to ask.

Then Jacob lost his job, and took to working odd jobs for and with Charlie to basically pay in trade. It worked alright for a while, because Terrence was still paying his half of the bills, and because Charlie had a lot of projects to get done. He was remodeling another rent house for his father, installing insulation in a friend's barn, and mowing the grass around the track at the lake (the city isn't allowed to mow there any more; they caused thousands of dollars in damage last year when they hung a mower up on the track and used a truck to wrench it free).

But as the jobs got more difficult and required things like demanding physical labor or getting up early or staying late on weekends... Jacob decided it wasn't worth it any more and he was going to find a "real job." So he applied at the gas station and picked up some hours. And when he got his first paycheck, he quit. Apparently it didn't pay enough. So he went to work at Cargill, and they required him to purchase work-appropriate fire retardant coveralls and steel-toe boots. So he quit that job before he even started. He figured he'd breed his pit bull and sell the puppies. But no one bought the puppies and all of a sudden he had three more mouths to feed, and was in blatant violation of the "no indoor pets" rule in the lease.

He got an earful from Charlie about that one and promised to rehome the puppies. He later made a point of offering the one that's blind in one eye to me, saying I must like to collect broken things. The less than veiled implication being that my husband is "broken" and my dog is damaged goods because he's got one bad leg. I was more than a little offended, and I haven't spoken to him since.

Then Terrence lost his job. At least he was nice about everything. I would give just about anything to have another renter like Terrence... The day he lost his job, he called and explained what was going on, and said he'd be out before the end of the month, and that he was planning on moving to Amarillo where he could get a better job. A week later, he'd sold all of his large furniture and packed everything else into the bed of his truck, and he stopped by to give us $50 as a partial payment on the upcoming utility bill and say good bye. His mom came to visit me at work about three weeks later. She told me that Terrence had gotten his first check from a new job and asked her to bring the remainder of what he'd owed, and she handed me an envelope with a note from Terrence and a check for $250. I was very impressed, to say the least.

But since Terrence left, we have never gotten more than 1/5th of what we're owed for the month. And that was July.

Jacob developed a habit of handing Charlie $20 or so and saying "that's all I've got." He also started bringing in random "roommates" without approval, hoping that they'd pay rent. Never mind that the terms of the lease were "no subletting without written approval," and "$100 additional rent due per month per tenant." I knew none of these people and neither did Charlie, and it got really, really old by October.

So he's getting the boot.

Finally, I suppose.

But we did a walkthrough of the place earlier this week. And I am unhappy, to say the least. That nice new carpet is stained all to hell. The new vinyl flooring in the kitchen and bathroom needs to be replaced. Again. All of the doors, interior and exterior, are damaged, and the front and back doors both need to be replaced. The screen door is officially garbage. One window is broken out and covered with a piece of plywood. And he's taken the washer and dryer already.

Not a happy camper.

Starting over. Again. Goodbye, money. Hopefully we can find a better renter this time.

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I love people. [13 Jun 2015|09:51pm]
A waitress in Fort Worth picked up the tab for a couple who'd just lost their baby girl.

I love other servers who actually care about their customers. People like her make me glad to say I share her profession. People like Kayla are the best.

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Hrm. [23 Oct 2014|10:38pm]
I almost tweeted to Kat: "Have a kid already. My Vince wannabe needs a Nikki."

But then I realized that could be construed as rude, especially since she's already trying. So I didn't. But I meant it all in fun, and the point stands.

But Alex apparently thinks Dr. Feelgood-era Vince Neil is the coolest person ever. All wild blond hair and eyeliner and ripped jeans and silver crosses, and Alex is totally into it.

I still think Vince looked pretty badass then, but I am making a conscious effort to only expose Alex to the music I enjoy, not to influence him.

But now it's "I want to rock, too!"

And he needs a Nikki.

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This is awesome. [23 Oct 2014|08:59pm]
Ohio State marching band's tribute to classic rock...

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Not impressed. [21 Aug 2014|08:36pm]
Story time.

The little man of the house, Alex, is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine.

And I mean obsessed. As in shrieking "THOMAS!" every time he sees that irritatingly happy little blue train. No matter if it's an episode of the cartoon on TV, a toy, print on a sheet set, fabric by the yard... If he sees Thomas, he's letting everyone in the surrounding two miles know about it. And he has really good eyes.

Well, his birthday is coming up in another couple months, and he just graduated from a toddler bed to a twin size (he's quite tall for his age and the toddler bed wasn't going to cut it much longer).

His favorite blanket is a Lion King quilt I made for him last year, but as I made it for a toddler size bed, that's going to be too small for his new bed. For now we're using it like a bed runner, draped over the foot of his plain twin comforter (on the rare occasion the bed is actually made, at least).

I have great dislike of plain, solid-color comforters. I want my family to have nifty, handmade, eye-catching bed covers. Besides that, patterns are often better at hiding the stains that occur when Alex sneaks his cup of juice out of the kitchen...

I felt it was time for a new blanket for his new bed and his new interests.

Being a rabid budgeter, I try to plan and allot money for occasions well in advance. For example, a third of my Christmas shopping is already done. Alex's birthday is in November; August is a good time for me to start planning.

I set off for the local Walmart after work last week, with husband and son in tow. I already knew what I wanted -- just a couple yards of some Thomas-themed fabric. But I had to keep it out of Alex's sight. So I sent husband and son to another part of the store and made a run for fabrics and crafts.

What luck! There was some Thomas the Tank Engine fleece on clearance, for half the usual price. I asked the store associate to cut the yardage for me, and unfortunately became distracted by rows of rotary cutters on the next display.

And then I hear my Alex, getting closer. Charlie had run out of things to pick up in grocery, had figured I would be finished up with the fabric, and had set out to meet me.

In order to hide my surprise from Alex's exceptionally strong eyes, I ran off to redirect them elsewhere. Even electronics, with its siren call of shiny new TVs that Charlie can't help but want to buy, would be safer than the ear-splitting howl I knew would accompany the sight of a certain train who shall remain nameless splashed over the cutting counter.

When I returned to the counter, the associate had neatly folded, bagged and tagged the cut fabric. I quickly buried it beneath the groceries in the cart while Charlie distracted Alex, then removed it an went through the self-checkout while the guys went through another checkout lane.

Well... Today, I finally opened that neat little package. Alex was down for a nap, and Charlie was out mowing the lawn. In other words, it was perfect sewing time.

Upon opening that bag and unfolding the fabric, I found I had been given two yards... But only half the width of the fabric. Apparently when it was cut from the bolt, the associate made me a "bonus" cut and no extra charge. I have only one selvage edge.

Honestly, I think it's my fault for not being there when it was cut. But the inexperienced associates need to keep out of fabrics already. This is the second time this has happened to me.

And now I don't have enough for the project I'd planned, and was effectively charged double what I should have been. But there's no way for the store to prove I didn't take it home, chop it in half and bring it back. So no chance at a refund, I suppose.

I guess I should just be grateful that I didn't pay full price.

But now what do I do with the fabric?

Any ideas?

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...Something. [27 Jun 2014|12:14am]
Something about that game felt like 2008 all over again.

I feel like I've stepped out of a time machine that took me back to being 18 for a few hours, then dropped me back off at home with my husband and son.

All that was missing was Harry Kalas. An old-fashioned HK walk-off call (I hear "Chase Utley, you ARE the MAN!" echoing in my head) and sign-off would have made that complete.

I have Harry's last game taped. Somewhere. It's lingering in one of the corners of this house, still boxed up from five moves ago. Probably in one of the waterproof footlockers, knowing how important it is to me.

I think it's time I find it, and share it with my son.

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Need a quick dose of cute? [25 Jun 2014|09:30pm]
Try this.

A teddy bear meets his new best friend.

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This is awkward... [01 Jun 2014|12:06am]
Not gonna lie, I think T-Pain is absolutely ridiculous, and more than a little irritating.

But I do generally love Sergey Lazarev.

And apparently my adoration for Lazarev overrides my dislike of T-Pain.

Because I have been listening to "Cure the Thunder," a Sergey Lazarev single featuring T-Pain, on and off for like the last three hours. I can't get it out of my head, and I somehow gravitate back to it repeatedly.

Clearly it is not a lyrical masterpiece. "But you got me drinking, come and buy me a liver/I been driving a little, remember you told me/You a ride for a nigga/I really wanna forget her/But my emotions go up and down like a zipper" is the beginning of T-Pain's work in the song, with the chorus being a ramblingly repetitive "If we can get over the pain we’re under, yeah/Try to get closer and cure that thunder, yeah/If the skies crash down then we'll let our tears run up, yeah/I’ll keep holding on till the clouds have gone, yeah/We can cure this thunder" from Lazarev.

You know what it is? It's an ohrwurm. It's catchy and it's sticky and it will. not. go. away.


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!! [18 May 2014|09:16pm]
So I bought my husband a shiny new toy today.

He got a brand new HP laptop.

And do you know what the first thing he does is?

"YES! Now I can finally watch Iron Man in HD!"

So he hooks up his external hard drive, downloads his favorite media player, hooks it all up to the living room TV, starts the movie... Marvels at it for all of five seconds... Then commences "testing" the processor.

He's downloading Angry Birds, running Iron Man (HD) in VLC Media Player (and Captain America on mute in another VLC window), and surfing Facebook and ebay in two different browsers.

I love my husband.

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A heads-up... [15 Apr 2014|11:36pm]
...to any other Suzuki or Isuzu owners out there needing to do some work on their cooling systems.

I know how tempting it is to junkyard dive for parts. I know. Been there. Many times, in fact. It's not exactly easy to find parts for a 22-year-old Sidekick, a 20-year-old Rodeo, and a 19-year-old Trooper... But hey, you already knew that.

You figure radiators and fans and such are simple enough, right? Just some quick tests to see if they're functional... And junked parts are so much cheaper than ordering from "that guy," who's apparently sitting on an OEM stockpile and charges arm-and-leg prices. Especially because you're driving an "orphaned" vehicle, whose parts seem to get rarer by the second.

Please allow me to share with you something that made my life a lot easier recently.

Automotive Cooling on Ebay

These guys are great. Huge selection, helpful descriptions, and even quick (free!) shipping.

Ebay's nifty new compatibility tools allow you to select your vehicle down to the trim package to make sure the parts you're ordering will fit.

They'll have what you need somewhere in their massive inventory.

And it will be more affordable than you thought.

And it will be better quality than you dared to hope.

Last week I ordered a new radiator for my Sidekick. The one we'd pulled from it had been a piece-of-crap under-performing (I wasn't even sure a part could under-perform for a freaking 4 cylinder until recently) refurb installed about a decade ago by the previous owner. I therefore didn't have stock specs to reference -- so the compatibility tools were a huge help.

I paid $55. Only $55. Getting a radiator from one of the nearest junkyards with a compatible vehicle -- the closest is 24 miles away and the next is 47 -- would have run me $110, and gas money to get there and back.

Not only did the radiator arrive packed neatly in its original box, undamaged, and with all the necessary accessories -- it arrived in three days. Three days. It would have taken a week to order it through any one of the chain automotive stores in town, and even longer through a dealer or mechanic. (If you haven't guessed by this point, we kind of live in the middle of nowhere.)

The radiator itself was beautiful and felt like good quality just coming out of the box, but install is the real test. Not only did it click right into place like we'd hoped, it functions impressively well.

Literally the only hiccup we had at all was that FedEx couldn't find our house. (Middle. Of. Nowhere. I'm telling you.)

So. Long story short:

Got a "difficult" vehicle?

Need a radiator?

Give these guys a look before you try the junk-it-and-pray approach.

No, I am not affiliated with this ebay user, nor have I been compensated in any way for this post. I'm just really impressed by them and I wanted to share.

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Yay! [28 Dec 2013|11:20pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

Officially in love with the new crock pot. (Thank you, Charlie!)

I have created accidental deliciousness. Cheaply.

And apparently there's a lot of it. Husband had two bowls, I had one, and little man had one... And I still have two tupperware containers of it in the fridge.

Total cost of dinner: $3.50
Servings: 8
$2 worth of chicken
$0.50 worth of whole wheat penne rigate
$0.50 worth of celery
$0.25 worth of frozen mixed vegetables (corn, carrots, peas, green beans)
$0.25 worth of chicken bouillon cubes

Start your crock pot, on high. Add 40 oz of water and toss two chicken bouillon cubes in. Allow them to dissolve as the water heats, stirring as necessary.

Cook and shred about a cup's worth of chicken. You can do more or less, depending on your tastes. I'm trying to eat less meat, so we used only a little chicken. (You could use canned chicken here and save the work -- it just doesn't taste as good.)

Once your chicken bouillon has dissolved fully, pour about a half pound of dry, whole wheat penne rigate into the bottom of the crock pot. There should be more than enough chicken broth to cover.

Chop two or three stalks of celery. Toss them in with the pasta. Add a quarter pound of mixed vegetables, then the chicken, and give everything a good stir.

Put the lid on the crock pot and let it go on high for about two hours, stirring occasionally.

It's soupy and dense and really good with a couple of fresh dinner rolls. I think next time I'll try it with some cream of chicken or cream of celery soup instead of the chicken broth.

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I think my brain is finally melting. [28 May 2013|11:45pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

I did not expect to go looking for Van Halen and find Sailor Moon.

But apparently I did.

I feel as if two separate parts of my life, held apart for the greater good of humanity, have been put through a grinder together.

And this is what it belched out.


That is David Lee Roth. As, presumably, a strawberry-milk-drinking assassin. Incorrectly quoting Sailor Moon dubs.

If I recall correctly, it should be "In the name of the Moon, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil." Then again, I don't speak Japanese, so perhaps it's a failing of subtitles/translation and he's accurately quoting.

But either way, I find myself terribly confused.

Am I drunk or something? Sleep-deprived?

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This... is awesome. [23 May 2013|12:19am]
[ mood | amazed ]

No, seriously. As a mom who's been looking for suitable lullabies for my son (something that won't drive me nuts, please?)... GENIUS. GENIUS GENIUS GENIUS.

"Hair Metal Goes Lullaby."

I need to buy both volumes right fucking now.

I just got paid. I can afford to splurge. I think. (...Is the car insurance paid? :/)

And you know what? Since Alex's lullabies play all damn night on a loop... I'll sleep better, too. If I have to hear "Arky, Arky" one more damn time, I think my brain will finally melt.

And get this: there are a lot more options to choose from. These people at Jammy Jams are really on the ball.

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Two more for the WTF file. [16 May 2013|12:35pm]
[ mood | confused ]

2,000 year old Mayan pyramid bulldozed... For gravel.

Really? There are no other rocks in Belize? You need to crush a pyramid as road fill?

Mick Mars knocked to stage by crazed fan

And... What? That concert was on Mick's 62nd birthday. And Mick suffers from a degenerative bone disease that only gets worse as he ages. The fact that he even still tours with the band is a small miracle. Assholes like this piss me off. Go Nikki for booting the bastard in the head.

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Been a while since my last update... [02 Jan 2013|09:29pm]
...But working six days a week and conducting multi-family dinner parties on day seven will do that to you, I guess.

I have never worked like this in my life. The restaurant is always busy. We usually get short shifts, but they need to be that way. The restaurant opens at 11 and closes at 9. My normal shift is 10:30 to 5. And I literally run from the moment I walk through the door until 3:00, at which point I then scramble to clean up the mess before the next shift arrives.

I have a lot of things I could say regarding my coworkers. Everyone is pretty nice, with one exception. Mostly I just want to punch her in the face, so there's no reason for me to think about her while I'm not at work.

Anyway, happy new year, everyone. Hope Christmas was good to you.

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